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Protect your family, friends, children, and neighbors with our all-natural spray. Tick Proof is hand crafted in small batches with premium essential oils, and bottled in Upstate New York. Tick Proof is the #1 defense against the dangerous threat of infectious disease-ridden ticks. The pleasant light lemony minty scent of Tick Proof might save your life.

Have you ever been bitten by a tick?

Trust us when we say it is not an experience you will enjoy. A tick bite is nothing like a mosquito bite or even a wasp or hornet sting; ticks are not insects. They are arachnids, blood meal hunters that bury themselves under your skin and lodge themselves firmly, digging in for the long haul, positioning for a prolonged meal. An attacking tick will feed on a single host for three or more days, presenting an escalated risk of disease transmission compared to nuisance insects; nothing in the forest is more dangerous than a tick.

Finding a tick lodged in your body can be horrifying; you will quickly realize there is no pain associated with the event, and you have no way of knowing how long the critter has been embedded under your skin. The hard-shelled offender is not going to be easy to remove, as the mouthparts of a tick are like a backward saw blade locking them into position. Once attached, they are not interested in disengaging. Most ticks feed three times during their life cycle, so if a tick feeds on your body, you are 1/3 of the food for its entire life; that tick will not let go. A quick Google search about your situation can bring the onset of terror as you realize ticks carry countless debilitating diseases and lethal sicknesses.

a tick biting a human being

Do not panic; read our guide to removing a tick, our good wishes are with
you. Hopefully, you have not contracted any tick-borne disease or illness.

Begin using adequate protection from this point forward, Tick Proof, a proudly made
in the USA product that works, the best tick protection ever available.

Tick Proof is Deet free, and features a light minty lemony aromatherapeutic scent.

Using a competent tick repellent is not just about realizing
a solid defense from highly publicized tick-borne diseases such as Lyme
disease; the totality of all sicknesses and diseases transmittable by ticks is
a grand scale threat, and some of the scariest infections are the least well
known. Consider the emerging Powassan virus, a genuinely terrifying tick
danger. A tick infected with the Powassan virus can transmit the disease to you
nearly instantly, within minutes of a bite, and the condition has a 10 – 20
percent mortality rate. You never feel a tick bite, as ticks have a unique
chemical in their saliva that numbs any discernable sensation when they attach,
so if you are not wearing a repellent and a Powassan virus-infected tick bites
you, will you notice the bite-in time? Almost certainly not.

Is there any tick-related illness even scarier than the
Powassan virus? The answer is it depends on what you consider terrifying.
Consider the state of Texas, arguably the red meat capital of the world, home
to the Lone Star tick, carrier of alfa-gal allergy, a red meat allergy you can
“catch.” One bite from the wrong Lone Star tick, and you will never be able to
eat red meat again unless you are okay with the devastating allergic reaction
that you will suffer after ingesting even the tiniest amount. Alfa-gal allergy
is a real-life horror story, a severe red meat allergy that can be transmitted
into your bloodstream by a bite from the Lone Star tick. There is no cure for
alfa-gal allergy.

tick-borne virus and disease

Tick Proof tick repellent provides ultimate protection from more than a dozen tick-borne diseases and conditions. Sicknesses and diseases such as:

Lyme disease,
Tularemia, tick paralysis, alfa-gal allergy, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Borrelia miyamotoi disease, Colorado tick fever, Heartland virus, Ehrlichiosis, Powassan virus, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Tick Proof guards you against the most dangerous
and deadly ticks living in the United States of America and Canada, such as the
American dog tick, Brown dog tick, Eastern black-legged tick (deer tick),
Western black-legged tick, Asian long-horned tick, Cayenne tick, Pacific Coast tick, Gulf Coast tick, and Rocky Mountain wood tick.

Forget about mainstream repellents. Store-bought tick
repellents will not work; they are nearly as bad as over-the-counter bed bug
products - criminally ineffective. Believe us when we tell you that Deet does
not repel ticks. It is not a tick repellent. It does not work; it will not
work, Deet provides zero protection from ticks. If you do not mind chemicals and want to repel mosquitos, choose Deet. For ticks, Deet is a joke.

Science has proven the merit of essential oils as a tick
repellent and the exponential compound repelling effect of multiple oils; our
five-essential oil blend will keep you tick-free and could save your life. Tick
Proof is a product you should not be without.

Tick Proof repellent is perfect for hikers, bikers, campers,
hunters, fishermen and fisherwomen, rock climbers, boaters, and anyone who
spends time outside. Every outdoor activity enthusiast should use an effective
tick repellent, and anyone outdoors is advised to wear one. Ticks are a rapidly
growing threat, and their habitat is not limited to deep forests; ticks can be
found anywhere, including public parks, green spaces, and suburban backyards.
You are ahead of the curve if you realize you should only mow your lawn if you
wear a tick repellent; lawn mowing is a top emerging high bite potential threat
due to the nature of a ticks hunting technique.


a questing tick

Ticks lie in wait, or “quest,” with arms extended. They perch on low shrubs, sticks, leaves, and grasses, including the grass on your lawn.

As an animal or human being passes by, they will hitch a ride, crawl onto
you, and position themselves to feed. They will probably not be biting you on
your foot, either.

Ticks will naturally seek a secluded, dark, and moist place,
attaching where they are least likely to be noticed.

Built by Nature: Pure Essential Oils

Tick Proof utilizes a proprietary blend of all-natural products that function as advertised, stopping bites. Our formula is incredibly effective + features a pleasant minty lemony smell. Try Tick Proof once, and you will never buy a nasty ineffective chemical-based repellent again.

Tick Proof Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend (Geranium, Virginia Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Clove, Peppermint), Plant-Based Dipropylene Glycol.

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  • Bernice Spicer - Ludlow, VT

    A tick bite is the worst, it ruins your day so badly. My
    property borders state forest, I used to get bit all the time. Tick Proof smells nice like aromatherapy, a few spray a day, and no more bites!

  • Jackie White - Conway, AK

    Ticks are so creepy, the scariest part is when you find one on your leg, you wonder how long it has been there? My family is not allowed anywhere near the woods without Tick Proof.

  • Connie Seet - Florence, SC

    A neighbor was hospitalized at our RV park last year for
    Lyme disease, it was a Blacklegged tick that got her. It was a wake up call for everyone. We all started using repellent, we love Tick Proof.