Ticks & Coronavirus

ticks and coronavirus

Can ticks transmit Coronavirus?

We have had several inquiries from customers wondering if we know anything about the potential for ticks to transmit Covid 19, the infectious global pandemic causing disease commonly called “Coronavirus”.

Coronavirus is, as the name would suggest, a virus. Ticks can carry and transmit to human beings both bacteria and viruses. One example of a dangerous bacteria carried by ticks is Borrelia burgdorferi, the disease agent that causes Lyme disease. Powassan virus and Colorado tick fever are examples of dangerous and deadly viruses transmitted by tick bite.

The ability to transmit virus does not mean that ticks can transmit Coronavirus, any given virus can only be transferrable if it can replicate inside the tick, and there is evidence to date suggesting Coronavirus can do that.

There is no evidence to the contrary either, so if you have a desire to be additionally stressed out about tick bites, you have an opportunity to do so.

The World Health Organization has made an official announcement stating Coronavirus can not be transmitted by mosquitoes, however, there has been no such statement about ticks.

It is generally understood Coronavirus spreads through water droplets expelled when an infected person sneezes or coughs, or by persisting on solid surfaces, not through the bite of a mosquito or tick.

We are of the opinion that the closest association ticks are likely to have with Coronavirus is misdiagnosis of patients infected with tick-borne disease, as many sicknesses transmitted by ticks have symptoms which mimic the flu, which means there is a possibility those stricken with a tick related condition could be initially incorrectly assumed to have Coronavirus.