The World's Most Dangerous Tick

worlds most dangerous tick

The World’s Most Dangerous Tick

Ticks in the United States are a lethal and growing threat. Debilitating and deadly tick-borne diseases can be transmitted by any one of the country’s most hazardous ticks, and there are quite a few. The list of America’s most dangerous ticks includes perennial offenders like the Eastern blacklegged tick, brown dog tick, Lone star tick, Rocky Mountain wood tick, and cayenne tick.

However, despite the variety of frightening ticks lying in wait in our forests, grasslands, and urban greenspace, this country is not home to the world’s most dangerous tick.

That title belongs to Africa’s Hyalomma tick, a giant scary tick 4 times the size of America’s largest. Even more terrifying than the length and width of the Hyalomma tick is its method of hunting, it does not lie in wait for a passing bird or mammal, it does not “wait” at all. The Hyalomma tick identifies potential hosts visually and chases them down like a predatory cat!

If you see one coming, be prepared to run. The Hyalomma tick is massive, speedy, and riddled with disease.  Equipped by nature with the means to track you by the vibrations from your feet, a Hyalomma tick can pursue you for up to 325 feet, or more.

Native to Africa the Hyalomma has been expanding its territory and can now be found throughout the Mediterranean. There have been sightings in Germany and the Netherlands as well.

Worlds Scariest Tick: Hyalomma tick

Scientific Name: Hyalomma marginatum