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As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we saw the tick threat coming firsthand. We were hiking the same trails, camping in the same forests, getting bit more and more each year. We also knew the reality of Lyme disease, seeing friends lose their quality of life to the condition. Being acutely familiar with all the repellents on the market, we were not impressed. Many functioned with some efficacy, but were exorbitantly priced, and seemed to be crafted to meet the minimum standards of salability. We were paying as much as $20 for a 4-ounce bottle created with only a 2 essential oil blend. It was easy to source credible scientific information that heralded the compounding and exponential effects of multiple essential oils. We started making our own, stopped getting bit, and started Tick Proof.

An opportunity, an obligation to do more, to do our part, the tick threat is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is getting worse year after year, scary bad. With new types of infectious ticks becoming invasive, such as the Asian longhorned tick, and new tick-borne diseases emerging, ones even more terrifying than Lyme, like Powassan virus.

We built a better product, a better brand, and offer a big 8-ounce bottle at a fair price.

We also set out to do more than create a retail site. Tick safety is no different than any situation where annual loss of life could be mitigated with better education, so we built a bold colorful site with lots of pictures and videos, chock full of lifesaving tick information and extras. Tickproofrepellent.com is one of the best resources for information on ticks and tick-borne disease you will find anywhere. Education is the key to addressing the emerging tick threat. Help us in our cause, its as easy as liking, friending, favoriting, retweeting, pinning, or sharing. Simply interact with us on any of our supporting social channels. We offer a bunch of them to choose from. You could save a life or two. 

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